The Underscore Level ∞

Sometimes all we can do about someone is care. We don’t know why or if we even should, and sometimes their lives are so detatched from ours it’s impossible for them to intertwine but at the end of the day, they do.

And from there you wind up in the dark, lying in bed thinking of poetic ways to spill your thoughts. It’s funny how these things happen. It’s funny and weird and kind of nice how life’s just one giant domino effect.

The smallest thing can bring you to something bigger than you ever imagined and after lots of thinking and questioning you come to realize that maybe in life not everything needs an answer to be justified. Something’s are right because they just are.

Posted: 10. June 2012 at 0:11:07
(That's 1 year ago)
Tags: #blog post #late night thoughts and feels