The Underscore Level stands for infinity. Nowhere, no one, and nothing is ever too small nor too great to fill in the blank.
It's who I am, who I was, who I want to be and who I will become.
  • I’m tired.

    At least I don’t go to work today. WOO! Have to work one 10 hour shift next week to makeup for it but whatever. I’ll just make sure to buy really good snacks for that day. XD haha.

    Just made the cover for my NaNo book. It looks amazing. I do want to take the final cover image myself though. I have this camera and I never get to use it. :/ I want to start building up a portfolio.

    Anyone in the NYC area want pictures done? I’m pretty new at this but I’m decent and wouldn’t charge you a thing since I’m just getting started. Message me and we can talk.

    NaNo is going good. I’m so happy to be writing again. It’s amazing. I feel like I’ve definitely found my voice as a writer these past two years and two (now going on three) novels into this, I think I’ve learned that you can’t compare yourself to other writers. Yes, everyone does always have room for improvement, but that means strengthening your own voice and not changing it to sound like someone else’s.

    Remember no one can tell the ideas in your head better than you.

    Okay there’s my pep talk for the day. Maybe instead of going to college I’ll become a motivational speaker and travel from city to city giving tumblr people hope. ;D

    And I’ve also decided to start legitimately blogging more. As wonderful as it is to sit and look at art and photography all day long, I need an outlet and that’s what this is supposed to be for. I’m not one to post rants online so you’re safe there, and any emotional posts I write are usually just saved for my eyes only.

    But expect some more posts like this from now on. Time to start fulfilling my duties as blogger.

    Have a good day everyone! :)