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  • Time for French class. Fun.

    I can’t really speak any of this language. A few words here, a phrase or two there. My skills don’t really surpass the generic, “Hello, how are you?” I want to learn another langauge, I do, but it seems like now that I’ve been out of Spanish for over a year I’m forgetting even basic things in that language and that was honestly more important to me than French ever will be.

    Sigh. I shouldn’t have been lazy and opted out of Spanish 4. I wanted a change and something different but right now I just feel bogged down by homework I don’t even understand. I don’t want to rely on a translator for help but really what other choice do I have?

    I need to buckle down and study more. School is over in August and I want to walk away with something new from my senior year. Even if I only learn a little bit, it is a step forward and better than saying that I just didn’t get it and didn’t even try.

    1. mad4plaid said: French is on the top of my languages to learn list! Good luck!
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